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This is oktoBITE. The place where YOU make TV what you want it to be! If you got an interesting, fun or quirky video, send it in to us!

Be it office humour, a homemade video of you tap-dancing, or a spoof about anything! Or even lifestyle tips!
Just send it in and you MIGHT just see your video being featured on TV!

Here's how you can submit:

1. Record the video with a digital video camera
2. Transfer the video clip to a PC and encode it into a MPEG or Uncompressed AVI format
3. Download the submission form from here and fill up
4. Email the form with the clip to bite@okto.sg

  • or mail it to the following address:
  • MediaCorp Pte Ltd - oktoBITE
  • Caldecott Broadcast Centre (okto)
  • Andrew Road
  • Singapore (299939)

5. Take note that duration of video clip have to be 30 sec to 1 min