Happy New Year


The Sylvanian Family, 10am

The Sylvanian Family

Have you ever walked in the woods through several stands of trees until you came to the deepest part – the heart of the forest?

Just beyond that part is the prettiest village in the whole world – Sylvania Village. It is home to the nicest group of animals in the whole world. Listen closely to the whispering wind, and you can hear their happy voices.

Situated in a beautiful setting, Sylvania Village is the stage for the stories about them.


The Ant Bully, 7pm

The Ant Bully

Friendless and tormented by a neighborhood bully, the new kid in town, Lucas Nickle, takes out his frustration on the innocent ant hill in his yard. But the industrious ants will only take so much. Retaliating, they shrink Lucas down to their size and give him a taste of "colony life!" Here, in a strange new world, Lucas learns about true friendship, gains a whole new perspective on life, and ultimately finds the courage to stand up for himself in this witty and heartwarming story of a young boy on a remarkable journey.