Beatrice Lim

“We can make Singapore a more gracious place by respecting our elders, showing kindness to the poor and to be patient and helpful to the people around us.” - Beatrice Lim

Celestina Gimiro

“We need to accept the different races in Singapore. No one should judge another person by their appearance. “ - Celestina Gimiro

Chloe Lim

“Graciousness is not only about caring for ourselves but for others. If we spare a thought for others or put ourselves in their shoes, Singapore will be a more gracious society.” - Chloe Lim

Edna Tan   

“We need to interact and communicate more with one another so that we can help one another in times of crisis”. - Edna Tan

Justina Tan

“It can all start off by having respect for one another. We must remember to treat others in the same way that we ourselves would like to be treated. Let's take the first step towards creating a more gracious society.” - Justina Tan

Neha Mohan Hedge

“Singapore is a country where people of different races bond and unite as one. We should start off by being kind and considerate to the people around us. Lend a helping hand to one another, greet each other, and most of all, always have a big and sincere smile that will brighten up anyone’s day." - Neha Mohan Hegde          

Shannon Lee

“We should be courteous towards others and be kind, example giving up our seat to someone else who needs it more than we do. We need to interact and socialize with one another and most of all we need to be civic-minded”. - Shannon Lee