Transformers Prime deepens the epic mythology of both the Autobots and Decepticons, while starting fresh for a new generation of viewers and future fans. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee and many other are back to 'roll out' against Megatron's latest attempt to conquer Earth.

Megatron proves to be more powerful than ever, having acquired a rare element that allows him mastery over life itself. Team Prime may be few against the Decepticon hordes, but they find increased strength via bonds forged with three teenagers, delivering heavy-metal action and nail-biting suspense and take the human drama to new levels.


Robot Mode:
The largest, strongest and wisest of the AUTOBOTS.
Vehicle Mode: Big Rig.

Optimus Prime

The leader, and father figure: the strategist of all AUTOBOT missions, as well as arbiter of any disputes within the group. An Arthurian knight in blue and red armor, chosen by fate to protect the human race in addition to rallying the remains of his own. OPTIMUS PRIME feels responsible for each and every human injured, building damaged, or tree uprooted in the AUTOBOTS' transplanted war with the DECEPTICONS. Though OPTIMUS PRIME possesses great heart and empathy, he may not "exude" fatherly warmth (at least, not until one grows to "read" him better) because there's a gravitas to him. It's the gravitas that comes with surviving past wars and anticipating the next one - of carrying the weight of both Cybertron and Earth upon his shoulders.

Robot Mode:
though large by human standards, one of the most compact of the AUTOBOTS.
Vehicle Mode: Muscle car.


The most "youthful" of the AUTOBOTS, the eager-to-please BUMBLEBEE has a tendency to act without thinking. Because he has been on Earth longer than the other TRANSFORMERS, he is the one who most identifies with the humans. His vocal chords were damaged on Cybertron and he speaks in a variety of bleeps and blurts. While youthful and prone to making mistakes, have no doubt that the speechless one takes the responsibility of protecting Raf very seriously - not only because he cares for his young co-hort, but because he wants to excel in his assigned duty in order to make OPTIMUS PRIME proud of him. He is driven to graduate from his designation as Team Prime's "scout," to full-fledged warrior.

Robot Mode:
Mid-sized; AUTOBOT medic.
Vehicle Mode: Hybrid Emergency Medical Vehicle.


Engineer, scientist and medic, RATCHET repairs busted limbs and gears when needed; designs weapons and technology; and spends time brainstorming ways of getting the most from less and less Energon. RATCHET goes furthest back with OPTIMUS PRIME, and knows him (and how to "read" him) better than anyone - besides MEGATRON. RATCHET constantly questions the need to risk their AUTOBOT necks to protect humans (let alone sheltering some of them in their secret base), though secretly he's come to admire their contributions (especially Raf's) to the AUTOBOT cause.


Robot Mode:
Equal to Prime in size.
Vehicle Mode: Alien fighter jet.


The leader of the DECEPTICONS, MEGATRON is the most sinister and deadly of all the TRANSFORMERS-- both in terms of his physical power and his ruthlessness. MEGATRON is highly-skilled, with a fearsome arsenal of weapons - a cold blooded warrior who shows no mercy. MEGATRON is obsessed with defeating OPTIMUS PRIME and detests what he sees as OPTIMUS PRIME's self-righteousness and ignorance, watching with disgust as OPTIMUS PRIME protects the pathetic little pieces of flesh that run rampant over the planet Earth. MEGATRON considers humans to be nothing more than pests, and doesn't concern himself with their immediate destruction since he believes that all will fall into place once he defeats the remaining AUTOBOTS and takes over Earth.

Robot Mode:
smaller than MEGATRON, though monstrous and deadly to any human and most AUTOBOTS.
Vehicle Mode: Military fighter jet.


MEGATRON's right-hand man, STARSCREAM is a fearsome opponent who prefers sneak attack over direct confrontation. Because ambush is his specialty, whether from the sky, underground, or in disguise, STARSCREAM is truly the most 'deceptive' of all the DECEPTICONS. STARSCREAM also happens to be a master strategist, which is why MEGATRON keeps him around. He may cower before his general with a false sincerity, but STARSCREAM is a Machiavellian impatiently awaiting the moment he can overthrow his leader and assume command of the DECEPTICONS.