In Jalan IV, we aim to tell the story of our people, captured and preserved for all time. And it starts with you!

We're inviting everyone to share his or her photos with us - through events that we're covering for the series.

If you have personal photographs of the following events which you would love to share with us, do send it to the Jalan producers. Who knows, it may be featured in the series. Selected photos will be given credit mention at the end of the specific episodes.

Jalan IV Themes

- Football Dream Team: Malaysia Cup 1994 Finals - Singapore VS Pahang
- National Service: First batch of NS men
- Local 60s Music: Golden age of Singapore music
- Civil Disasters: Hotel New World Collapse & Bukit Ho Swee Fire
- Campaigns: Singapore Kindness Movement & Stop At Two
- Counter-Terrorist: Konfrontasi & Macdonald House Bombing
- Racial Harmony: Racial Riots (Maria Hertogh & 1964 Racial Riots & 1969)
- National Day Parade: The early days (1965 to 1980s)

Terms and conditions
Submitted photos should belong to you or individuals you are related to and not from any official archival agencies.

Please email to info@oak3films.com

For enquiries, calls can be made to Oak 3 at 6226 2336
(Office hours: 9.30am - 6.30pm)