Local - Putih & Hitam

Putih & Hitam
(With English subtitle)

Genre: Drama
Total episodes: 13 eps x 0.5hr

Episodic Synopses

Episode 1 (Jealousy)

Izzati is the best runner in her school's track and field team. When word gets around that there will be a National Track & Field Championship event, everyone is guessing that Izzati will be selected. Although flattered, Izzati encourages her team mates to train hard as well. All the positive vibes come to a halt when Nurul is introduced to the track and field team. Nurul is a transfer student and also a runner in her former school. Naturally, the track and field teacher, Mr Hanif puts her into his team. Izzati feels the competition with Nurul around, especially after the latter beats her in a 100m dash at her first run with the team. Izzati believed that Nurul's pair of track shoes is the reason why she can sprint fast and so she pleads her mother to get her the same pair. Her mother refused to buy the shoes and advise her that practise makes perfect. Izzati's jealousy got the best of her and it soon it triggers her to commit a mistake that she later regrets.

Episode 2 (Stingy)

Aiman is raised in a well-to-do family and never knows the meaning of poverty. Unfortunately, Aiman has a very bad habit - he is a stingy person. He will never share his belongings, money and even food to his friends. Contradicting his stinginess, Aiman often asks his friends to share their food and drinks with him, not because he has no money but he would rather save the money to buy his favourite collectible cards. In one occasion, his teacher organizes a fund raising campaign for one of his schoolmates who is suffering from diabetes. He needs money for his medical treatment. Nonchalantly, Aiman blurts out that he has no cash and hence, he will not be contributing to the fund-raising. Once day, on his way to buy the collectible cards, Aiman is cornered by two teenagers who want to steal his money. A boy came to his rescue and despite his small size, the boy manages to chase the two teenagers away. Aiman later learns that the boy who saved him is the schoolmate suffering from diabetes.

Episode 3 (Hot Tempered)

Hakim is the eldest son to Lina and Bakri. He has a younger sister, Noreen. Because of his parents' busy schedule, they are tended by a domestic helper, Bik Sumiati. Hakim is a temperamental person who will throw his tantrums if what he asks for is not attended to immediately. When he is angry, Hakim has the habit to throw things which lay on his hands. Bik Sumiati is often the victim of his temperament but never once did she retaliate. She is always accused of meeting her boyfriend when she is late to fetch him and even for stealing his handphone when he couldn't find it in his room. One afternoon, Hakim ransacked Bik Sumiati's room to search for his handphone and when he couldn't find it, he grabs a toy truck and smashed it into pieces. Little did he know that the toy truck is a gift for Bik Sumiati's son back in her homeland and it has taken her months to save the money to buy that toy truck. That same afternoon, Hakim's friend came to return his handphone that he accidentally left behind after their soccer game. Ashamed, Hakim seeks Bik Sumiati's forgiveness and promised to keep his cool the next time.

Episode 4 (Telling Lies)

In Aniq's class, his classmates are taking turns sharing their holiday experience. When it is Aniq's turn, he is hesitant as his holiday experience is merely a picnic at Each Coast. It's Syakir's turn and he shares about his experience at the Disneyland, Hong Kong. The class is captivated with Syakir's story. After school, Syakir continues to share his stories with his classmates. Aniq intercepts and lied, saying that his parents always bring him to holidays to faraway countries including Japan, China, Turkey and Spain. The crowd suddenly migrates from surrounding Syakir to circling Aniq instead. A few days later, Aniq's teacher calls for volunteers for the Racial Harmony Day competition. Aniq's classmates inform their teacher that Aniq will have many things to share since he travels a lot. Two days before the competition, his friends ask Aniq for his souvenirs so that they can prepare their props. Aniq lies again and gives many excuses. In desperation, Aniq resorts to stealing from a souvenir shop but was stopped by Danial and the latter urges him to tell the truth to their classmates. Aniq apologises to his friend and as punishment for lying, his teacher asks Aniq to stay back after school to finish the exhibition booth. Aniq promises to do his best. Danial is the first to volunteer to stay and help him. Some other friends follow suit.

Episode 5 (Looking Down On Others/Boast)

Ready in his scout uniform, Amin is excited to go to a jungle tracking competition. Amin is a go getter and cannot be bothered with helping others at the expense of achieving his goal. Amin is proud and very confident because he has won many times in the jungle tracking competition. Amin is appointed as a leader in the blue team. His group consists of Malek, Khairul and Syawal and they are all champion of the jungle tracking competition. However, this year's competition comes with a surprise. The scout leader asks the group to take care of a new scout member, Rafik who has a medical history of asthma. Amin scowls when Rafik joins the group as the latter will be a burden to his team. During the competition, Amin refused to acknowledge Rafik and when the latter's opinions falls on deaf ears. Soon, Amin decides to leave Rafik behind so that the rest of his team can reach the finishing line faster. Khairul disapprove of Amin's decision and a quarrel ensues and Amin sprained his ankle when he lunged forward to attack Khairul. It was Rafik who later comes to the rescue. Skilfully, he attended to Amin's sprained ankle. Even though they lost, Amin learned a valuable lesson from this competition.