Adamaya (Acquired drama)
Monday - Friday, 7pm


Casts: Lisa Surihani, Sein Ruffedge, Faizal Yusup, Diana Amir, Dian P.Ramlee, Mustapha Kamal


Generic synopsis
Adamaya is about the lives of Adam and Maya. Adam is a law graduate who is very passionate of photography. Meanwhile, Maya is a 2nd year university student. Maya's parents make a decision to marry off Maya as they are needed to work overseas for five years. They choose Adam as they are good friends with Adam's parents. Adam, not wanting to disappoint his parents, adheres with their request. Maya whom initially disagreed as she already has a boyfriend, Dani, finally relents.

Although there is no love between them, Adam as a husband, tries hard to make the marriage work. His efforts do not go to waste as time flies; they begin to fall in love and soon, conceive a child. Their marriage is again tested when Dani reappears. Adam, feels hurt that Maya is drawn to Dani, distracts himself with work and photography. These cause them to fight and drift apart from each other...

Will Adam try to save the marriage? Will Maya realize that there is no better sincere love then from her husband?