Gemersik Kalbu (Acquired drama)
Tuesday, 9.30pm

Casts: Aqasha, Ayu Raudah, Fazreen Rafi, Anzalna, Dian P.Ramlee, Rahim Jalani, Khatijah Tan

Generic synopsis
Gemersik Kalbu or Pondering of the Heart follow the story of joy and sorrow of Raihana, a woman of courage who had to face life alone since childhood. Raihana found herself lost in her own world when her grandmother died. Meeting with Wan Ariffin, who share the same career sow the seeds of love. However, after the bond was established, Wan Ariffin passed away leaving Raihana confused and trapped in her own misery. The presence of Sufian in her life did not bring any difference even though they are married. Wan Ariffin still lingers in her heart. Can Raihana accept Sufian as her husband and will she love him?