Episode 21 (19 Apr)
Old Mrs Chen sings praises of the food Yue Niang prepared. Old Mrs Chen plays along when Yue Niang thinks she is an old maid in the Chens' household. She only discovers Old Mrs Chen's and Chen Xi's true identities when she is dragged to dine together with Gui Hua, Xiu Feng and the others.

Episode 22 (20 Apr)
Yue Niang refuses to follow Chen Xi back to the Chens. She tells him he has to either ask for her hand in marriage or elope. He agrees and asks Yue Niang to await good news from him. Mei Yu paints a tarnished picture of Yue Niang in front of Old Mrs Chen, causing her to send someone to Malacca to check up on Yue Niang.

Episode 23 (25 Apr)
Robert Zhang visits the Huangs and accidentally discovers Yue Niang locked up in her room and finds an excuse to stay for the night. Yu Zhu secretly releases Yue Niang but is mistakenly raped by Robert Zhang who thinks Yu Zhu is Yue Niang.

Episode 24 (26 Apr)
Yi Dao fetches Yue Niang back to his house and orders the matchmaker to dress her up. Yue Niang does not resist and is transformed into a beautiful bride. Yue Niang initially decides to succumb to her fate but is finally determined to make her escape. While making her escape, she is discovered by one of Yi Dao's henchmen.

Episode 25 (27 Apr)
Upon advice from a medium, Old Mrs Chen refuses to send Chen Xi to the hospital even though his condition worsens. Despite objections from the family, Chen Sheng carries the barely alive Chen Xi to the hospital. Zhen Zhu regrets marrying Chen Xi when she discovers he is in a critical condition.