Athisayangal // Athisayangal (Athisayangal)

Here comes a travelogue like no other on Vasantham! Discover the mesmerizing wonders of Turkey, Nepal, China and Cambodia in Athisayangal (Wonders).

This fun and exciting travelogue has been clubbed with information on travel, food and interesting anecdotes. Plus this time around, the concept of travelling comes with a price for celebrity host, Rishi Kumaar.

Living in sub-standard conditions, with an excess of exotic cuisine, and plenty of after-effects deriving from the high-calorie diet, Athisayangal is determined to put through the host through a multitude of challenges.

Will Rishi survive? Is he willing to pay the price for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Watch and you'll know...

Debuting 10 February 2013, every Sunday at 8.00pm

Learn more about Rishi’s twisted travels here