Dhoom Dhoom Dhomeel Sr 2 // Dhoom Dhoom Dhomeel Sr 2 (Dhoom Dhoom Dhomeel Sr 2)

Wedding season returns on Vasantham!

Our zany wedding planner, with over a decade’s expertise, follows the ‘trials and tribulations’ of 5 of the more interesting and the bizarre clients as they near their big day: The Wedding Day. Fun, excitement, and tension escalate as their big day draws closer.

It’s all in our wedding planner’s hands to ensure that all is smooth and blissful for the couple. But there’s a twist, the wedding planner doubles up as a wedding crasher this time around.

Lo and behold the surprises in store for you.

Dhoom Dhoom Dhomeel Sr 2, debuting 19 January, Saturday, 7.30pm