Tamil Language Festival Launch // Tamil Language Festival Launch(Tamil Language Festival Launch)

The launch of the Tamil Language Festival was held at the MediaCorp TV Theatre on 1st April 2011, 9.00pm.The live telecast of the show was not only watched by viewers at home but also by people all over the world. The live streaming of this grand launch was made available for the first time in an effort to engage and encourage the use of Tamil language beyond national boundaries. Over 57 600 people tuned in to the show.

Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Education, Mr. S Iswaran graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. The month of April has been marked as the month to promote the usage of the Tamil Language. As such a month long of events such as an Inter-JC Tamil Debate, forums and seminars have been organised.

Vasantham artists lent their support to the event by performing and entertaining viewers. The show line-up included; medley of songs and dance, a comedy segment by the ever hilarious Vadi, appearances by the cast of Vettai, the lead actress of Vyjayanthi, Sliver Ang, and the top 3 winners of the Dhool 2010 competition.

For more details of the Tamil Language Month, visit http://www.singai-tamil.org