Ithu Namma Kathai Sr 2

Hosted by V Kalaiselvan, Ithu Namma Kathai is back for another sizzling season with new hot topics to be addressed!

The popular talk show that discussed current hot topics which affect the general public, is here to set you thinking!

One of the brewing problems today would be the widening generation gap. Technology-driven societies of the world face the challenge of bridging the gap between the generations – the seniors and the juniors.

Seniors and juniors – they differ in terms of attitude, motivation and behavior. This often causes conflicts in the family, community, work and the society at large.

In the quest to overcome this, the new season of Ithu Namma Kathai will address current burning issues and seek the opinions of the seniors and the juniors.

Catch the enriching exchange of views and opinions this July, only on Vasantham!