Kaatril Oru Geetham // Kaatril Oru Geetham (Kaatril Oru Geetham)

A musical universe beckons - the universe of folk music.

Where songs tell the stories of people, of festivals and celebrations, of solidarity and humanity, of seasons and changing landscapes. 

Where rhythms resonate with everyday moods and melodies evoke every possible emotion.

Take two musical souls into this universe, and the result is pure magic!
Two well-known Singaporean musicians draw inspiration from their travels across India and their interactions with folk artistes, to create a series of musical compositions, which they will then perform at a “live” event in Singapore.

The Musicians 
Winners of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award for music, flute maestro Ghanavenothan Retnam and tabla virtuoso Nawaz Mirajkar will be the Singaporean musicians who travel to India on this musical journey.

They will travel to meet four folk groups each. In this musical journey, Ghanavenothan will be accompanied by percussion whiz kid, Nantha Kumar, while Nawaz Mirajkar will be accompanied by talented pianist and keyboardist, Renu Suresh.

Debuting 9 January, Wednesday, 9.30pm