Director: Pandiraj
Casts: Vimal, Siva Karthigeyan, Bindhu Madhavi, Regina
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja 
Language: Tamil
Genre: Comedy

Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga

Pandiraj is a talented filmmaker in Tamil cinema and has a great track record with small-scale realistic films.  They always have a right amount of situational comedies, weaved in convincingly. But this time he has decided to give us a full-fledged comedy with his two protégés (Vimal and Sivakarthigeyan) he had introduced in his previous films. With promo songs and trailers resonating with the audience, Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga (KBKR) has garnered positive pre-talk. Does the film keeps up to its heavy marketing tactics?


Theni Kesavan (Vimal) and Pattai Murugan (Sivakarthigeyan) are childhood buddies who roam around unemployed, aspiring to be local councillor with the sole intention to earn money. Amidst this aimless lifestyle, enter Pappa (Regina) and Mithra (Bindhu Madhavi) who give a romantic turn to the story. As the film sways through this merry routine, Kesavan and Murugan’s political ambitions get tested. How they solve it to wed their respective lovers forms the crux of the story.

Story – Screenplay

From the day this film was announced, Pandiraj has clearly stated that KBKR will be a complete comedic entertainer with a message. Pandiraj has kept his promise by delivering a perfect family entertainer this summer.

The main strength of the film is its screenplay and dialogues that are coated with razor sharp sarcasm. Portraying reality has always been Pandiraj’s forté and he does it very well through his characters. The witty one-liners scripted in the film works big time and the way every single character is etched out is noteworthy. The romantic tracks are believable, especially the ones between Siva and Regina. The cheeky romance that flows through with ample of sarcasm is thoroughly enjoyable. Even though Vimal-Bindhu is a tad too artificial, the uniqueness is praiseworthy.

The film also utilises satire. It comically highlights the current political trends and touches upon certain truths behind the nature of election. In addition, Pandiraj also focuses on how the middle class are able to live a peaceful life despite all the constraints they face.

The serious shift at the third act is quite abrupt even though the message delivered at the climax is heart warming.  While the film meanders around aimlessly at parts, it continues to entertain the audience even at the stagnant patches of the screenplay.

Overall, a remarkably written comedy that sustains the audience’s applause from start to finish.

Casting & Performance

Vimal and Sivakarthigeyan’s combination works extraordinarily with the two actors competitively rendering their characters with charm and spirit. Siva’s mimicry skills and comic timing gets utilized perfectly, as never before. There is no doubt that this film will boost his marketability to the next stage.

Suri is almost like another main lead in this film as he compliments their antics with his terrific comedic timing. Certainly KBKR announces a sound arrival of this talent into the big league of comedians.

Regina shines with her relatable and non-filmiface character. Bindhu as Mithra also gives a controlled yet a remarkable performance.

Other supporting casts such as Delhi Ganesh, Muthurman, Sujatha and Manoj have come up with a hard-hitting, impressive performance.

Overall, Pandiraj has tried to extract the best out of his talented cast and has indeed succeeded.


Other than apt casting and strong dialogues, Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga also has a good technical team which has aided to package the film brightly.

Cinematographer Vijay who has shot this film with digital RED camera adds a colourful tone to the already chirpy nature of the film. Editor, Siva has cut the film with great rhythm, further elevating the comedic scenes.

Yuvan’s BGM, complements well with the nature of the film. ‘Oru Poramboku’ and ‘Konjum Killi’ shine from the album and also have been well-shot. Not to forget the dance choreographer, Dinesh who played a pivotal part in executing the songs with such energy.

Overall, Pandiraj had in his clasp a superior technical team and the results are evidence of this distinction.


Despite few glitches, Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga works superbly, thanks to the apt casting and Pandiraj’s rib-tickling dialogues interweaved with a heart-warming overarching message. 

Verdict: Wholesome family entertainer
Rating:  3.5/5

By Kannan Vijayakumar

"Kannan Vijayakumar, 20, currently a freelance director/producer, got a spark to become a film maker at the age of 15 and followed his dream by completing Diploma in Moving Images (Digital film making) course at Temasek Polytechnic. He further furnished his skills by writing reviews for all types of movies in online blogs, working as assistant director and scriptwriter in Singapore TV shows and directing several short films and documentaries which participated in film festivals."