Nasi Briyani

Nasi Briyani is a light-hearted drama set in the ‘Golden Era’ - yesteryears where goodwill, neighbourliness and harmonious living were part-and-parcel of every Singaporean’s daily life.

In Nasi Briyani, neighbours trust each other and look out for each other.

Romance, deceit, sports, passion and a whodunit – Nasi Briyani is set to rekindle your memories on Singapore in the past.

Remember the Singapore Spirit this April, with Nasi Briyani.

Starring: Arvind Naidu, Nakulan, Dr. Vel, Elango, Siva Kumar, Leena, Eliyas and several others

Debuting 1 April, every Monday to Thursday at 10.00pm, only on Vasantham