Oru Nayagi Oru Novel

A brand new series on Vasantham featuring Kollywood actresses Raadhika Sarathkumar and Renuka, alongside other Vasantham artistes...

Two stories, two ladies…

Story 1: Puriyaamal Pirinthom

Priya and Dhivahar, they are a sweet, loving couple who adore each other. Their happy marriage comes to a halt when their beloved daughter dies.
Priya strongly blames Dhivahar for her daughter’s death. His careless behavior caught them their daughter. So, she makes a harsh decision – to divorce Dhivahar.
Dhivahar, on the other hand, tries to prove her umpteenth times that their daughter’s death was the result of an unfortunate accident. He does not want a divorce. He still loves Priya and wishes to live a happily with her.
Till today, he is not able to convince and change Priya’s mind. Their divorce case is dragging on and on at the court room.

Will Priya and Dhivakar re-unite… or be separated forever?

Starring: Radika Sarathkumar, Rajesh Kanna, Mohan, Chitra, Karthik, Indu, Sonia Shamini, and others

Story 2: Naduvula Konjam Dhukkatha Kaanom

Sarala and Gokila, the best of friends… exemplar of good friendship.
Inseperable, the two of them have always been there for each other. They share their likes, dislikes and even enemies; such was their friendship. But this was all in the past, some forty years back…
Today, they are dreaded enemies who cannot stand the sight of each other. It has been twenty-five years since they spoke to each other.

There is only one reason for their separation… and it will be revealed soon.

Starring: Renuka, Sajini, Naren, Indra, and others