Riya // Riya(Riya)

Starring: Udhaya, Vishnu, Shafie, Kokila, Indra, Rishi Kumaar, Kumaran and others
About the drama

'Riya' is a new family drama on Vasantham that tells the story of a pair of identical twins: Soundariya and Aiswariya
Everyone's favourite host-singer-actress on Vasantham, Udhaya, portrays identical twins Aiswariya and Soundariya.

Born to a businessman (Chandrasekar) and a kindergarten school principal (Sarala), the girls share their lives with an older brother (Vignesh), who completely dotes on them. Both the girls find mates of their own choice, Sharran an interior designer (Soundariya) and Harikumar, a major in the Singapore Civil Defense (Aiswariya).

The girls are about to get married and be separated. How will their lives change? Will they still be able to keep together as sisters?

For the first time on Vasantham channel, the audience will get to know the lives of a pair of twins, their similarities and differences, their struggles and triumphs, and so on.

Learn more about the twins starting 2nd April, Monday to Thursday, at 10pm.

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