Thiru Valluvan // Thiru Valluvan (Thiru Valluvan)

The chronicles of Valluvan continues with the return of Thiru Valluvan!

This drama revolves around a very unique yet contemporary man, Mr. Valluvan, who is in his mid 50’s and has all the reasons to hate his life! But somehow, and for some strange reasons, people around him just adore him for the way he lives his life!

In the new season, Valluvan find himself getting involved with the problems faced by others once again. As always, he either achieves immense success or meets with ridiculous failure in his numerous voluntary and mostly unwelcome attempts to help people around him.

Meet Valluvan, a man with a mission…

Starring: Vadi PVSS, Udaya, Manimala, and others

Debuting 3 December 2012, every Monday to Thursday at 10.30pm