PV 2012 // PV 2012(PV 2012)

Vasantham had its annual road show, Vasantham LIVE, on 16 June, Saturday. But what was different this year - the channel ventured out of its 'usual' spot in the Serangoon vicinity, into the heartlands in the western part of Singapore.

This year, Bukit Panjang Plaza extended its welcome to Vasantham. Interesting programmes were lined up, artistes were engaged, prizes were prepared, and promotional trailers went on air. Everyone was in the know of Vasantham LIVE.

The job was done. Only one thing remained - the response from the fans.

But the turnout took everyone by surprise (surprised may be an understatement in fact). More than a thousand fans turned up at Bukit Panjang Plaza. And they arrived as early at 1pm for the show that was to start at 3pm, despite the scorching heat.

But their wait paid off. Fans were treated to 3 hrs of solid entertainment. Singing, dancing, on stage interviews, game segments... everything was planned and executed to ensure that the fans had a great time.

Close to 50 artistes made their appearances at Vasantham LIVE. There were exclusive appearances by the cast of popular dramas Vettai 2.0, Nijangal, Riya and Sambavam plus 'live' performances by the Dance Jodi finalists and the lovable Mat Yoyo cats, Yoyo and Yaya!

So strong was the fans' support... many even stood on their feet for the entire show, and yet remained as excited and happy throughout. It was heartening to see fans treat the event as a family affair.

After the end of the show, fans remained behind to get their favourite artistes' autographs and pictures. The artistes were taken by surprise at the amount of love and support they received from the fans.

With Vasantham LIVE, the Vasantham channel received a resounding stamp of approval from the Indian heartlanders in Bukit Panjang and beyond. This marks the beginning of many more exciting events to come.

Thank you viewers once again, for your unwavering support!