Vettai 2.0 Finale Preview // Vettai 2.0 Finale Preview(Vettai 2.0 Finale Preview)

It was an eventful weekend for both the cast and their ardent fans of the Vettai 2.0 drama.

The finale of Vettai 2.0 was screened exclusively at the big screens yet again. But what marked a milestone in Vasantham's history, was that the channel brought the drama beyond the causeway over to Johore Bahru, Malaysia, for the first time ever!

Vettai 2.0 is a long form crime drama on Vasantham. It has maintained impressive ratings since its debut and has garnered over 500,000 views on Catch-Up TV. The drama has also attracted a large and active web-based community, who lent their support for the show through its Facebook page and microsite.

The drama, which has gotten more popular in the second season, ended on a high note over the weekend. Hundreds of fan thronged the theatres, some as early as 5pm for the first screening at GV Max, VivoCity, Singapore last Friday, 4 May.

Some fans also shared that they were eager to meet the cast more than anything else. The gates to the Theatre Hall were finally opened at about 6.45pm. Vishnu played host for the evening. Stars of the night, the Vettai 2.0 cast made their grand entrance to the Theatre Hall amidst the warm reception from the excited fans.

After a mini Q&A session with the main cast, the finale preview commenced. The final episodes were packaged together with an exclusive ending, only for the eyes of the 600 fans present. The team behind Vettai 2.0 decided to make the preview extra special. What fans got in the end was a telemovie fused with special effects, action, drama and glamour!

Then came the moment fans were waiting for - the Meet & Greet session! Fans kept the Vettai 2.0 cast busy for 2 whole hours, getting their autographs and taking photographs with them. That marked the end of Day 1. Day 2 was at Citysquare Mall, Johore Bahru, Malaysia.

Vettai 2.0 is hugely popular in Malaysia; hence the channel wanted to bring the preview to the fans across the causeway. The second finale preview took place at Cathay, City Square Mall, Johore Bahru.
Fans were excited when they caught glimpses of the cast as they made their way to Cathay. They welcomed the cast with loud cheers as they made their grand entrance to the Theatre Hall.

After the screening, was the Meet- & Greet session with the cast. Members of the cast were excited as this was the first time they were meeting their Malaysian fans and were thankful for their support.

All in all, the finale preview was a huge success, all thanks to the fans and their unwavering support! Don't forget to catch the final 4 episodes of Vettai 2.0 on Vasantham this week, Monday to Thursday, at 10.30pm.

Photo Gallery: Vettai Finale Preview @ GV Max, VivoCity, Singapore
Photo Gallery: Vettai Finale Preview @ Cathay Cineplex, City Square Mall, Malaysia