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2013年1月17日 下午 2:15
GALLERY: Episode 3 & 4

Web Series' Episodic Photos

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雨晨自认找到帮助舒亭解决害怕男生的心理问题的方法, 立乔相当有兴趣这个女生又会使出怎样的招数。原来雨晨的第一个方法是带舒亭到图书馆直视和触碰健康教育课本中男性生殖器官的图片。舒亭本能地抗拒和尖叫,引起了一位男生的不满。接着雨晨又要求舒亭触摸和嗅吸擂台拳击手的毛巾,令舒亭感到无奈和困惑。

回到96度C咖啡馆, 雨晨找来立乔让舒亭触摸他的脸颊。虽然实验成功,但是当子维出现的时候, 舒亭拿着托盘走到他面前,双手依然是颤抖的。

通过冲泡几款不同图案的花式咖啡, 立乔试着告诉两位女生,事情总有两面,从另外一个角度看待事物,或许我们会有不同的感想和体验。

Episode 3

Yuchen visits Shuting at her home and discovers that she has an over-protective father who constantly warns her the risks of getting too close to guys. Yuchen reckons this could be why Shuting has an unexplainable fear of physical contact with guys.

To show that men are worthy of her attention, Yuchen starts leaping praises on Liqiao which leaves the latter amused and bewildered. Shuting appreciates Yuchen's efforts but sighs that the main problem lies with herself. When Liqiao is made known of Shuting's condition, he invites her over to 96 Degrees cafe to have a taste of a 'life-changing' coffee.

Liqiao serves up a few cups of latte art and he tells Shuting that just like the cup of coffee made via this method, there are different ways of looking at an issue. While there may be love and hurt in any relationship, there could be also many wondrous elements. All it takes is a different perspective.

Shuting heeds Liqiao's advice and learns how to come to terms with her condition slowly but surely.