叮当神探 Crime Busters x 2

演员 Cast : Ma Li An Na 马丽安娜(Juwita(欧巴桑) Ou Ba Sang), Zhang Yaodong 张耀栋(于 清 Yu Qing), Michelle Chong 庄米雪(伊沙贝 Yi Sha Bei), Chen Xia Zhong 陈侠中(傅大志(大粒痣) Fu Da Zhi), Hong Hui Fang 洪慧芳(冯慧欣 Feng Hui Xin), Li Tian Le 李天乐(刘倩婷 Liu Qian Ting), Zhang Wei 张为(刘文豹 Liu Wen Bao), Richard Low 刘谦益(吕多福 Lv Duo Fu), Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉(吕大雄(老姑婆) Lv Daxiong), Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉(吕大雄(老姑婆) Lv Daxiong), Joey Swee 徐绮(吕宝亮 Lv Bao Liang), Alan Tern 唐育书(唐佳声 Tang Jia Sheng), Huang Wenyong 黄文永(夏明达 Xia Ming Da), Dawn Yeoh 姚懿珊(夏静宜(猪仔) Xia Jing Yi), Shaun Chen 陈泓宇(姜在熙 Jiang Zai Xi), Nick Shen 沈炜竣(孙继青 Sun Ji Qing), Joshua Ang 洪赐健(小狗 Xiao Gou), Lin Li Bin 林里嫔(曼 琳 Man Lin), Fu Li An 傅麗安(朱燕美 Zhu Yan Mei), Brandon Wong 黄炯耀(杜名(杜家龙) Du Jia Long), Jerry Yeo 杨伟烈(林正为 Lin Zhen Wei), Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚(欧芬妮 Ou Fen Ni), Pan Lingling 潘玲玲(王玉美 Wang Yu Mei), Du Hui Ping 杜惠娉(白小云 Bai Xiao Yun), Wang Hua Jing 王华婧(胡彩蝶 Hu Cai Die), Desmond Tan 陈泂江(胡志扬 Hu Zhi Yang), Rebecca Lim 林慧玲(胡花蝶/彩蝶 Hu Hua Die/Cai Die), Chen Nan Song 陈南送(葛良丞 Ge Liang Cheng), Rayson Tan 陈泰铭(薛友仁 Xue You Ren), Chen Guohua 陈国华(阿 祝 Ah Fu), Wang Li Qing 王利秦(陈祥忠 Chen Xiang Zhong), Celest Chong 张玉华(马格烈/谢红绫 Ma Ge Lie/Xie Hong Ling)
播映日期与时间 /Show Time & Date : 每逢星期一至五 晚上9时 Every Mon to Fri 9pm
集数 No. of Episodes : 20

The Surgical Demon (Beginning)
Xia Yijing is a rookie cop with the Records Department of the Police Force and her direct superior is Lu Daxiong.  Daxiong is always sarcastic towards Yijing and in retaliation, she returns the sarcasm.  As such, the both of them are constantly at loggerheads with each other. Daxiong persists in investigating a murder case even when stopped by Detective Isabel.  Curious, Yijing does her own checking and realizes that when Daxiong was in the Criminal Investigation Department, he had encountered the Surgical Demon.  At that time, he had led his partner in chase of the latter but this resulted in his partner’s death and his subsequent transfer to the Records Department.Before long, another murder in the same manner occurs.  After a harrowing hunt for the murderer, Daxiong and Yijing managed to apprehend him.  Upon interrogation, they realize that this culprit is merely a copycat killer, not the Surgical Demon.So, where is the Real McCoy?

On the Wings of Butterflies
A couple lovingly keeps their vows in a jar, intending to bury it.  To their horror, they unearth a rotten corpse!  The police are being called in and they dig up a headless body which, the pathologist concludes, belongs to a young female who died about two and a half years ago.  Yijing recognizes the butterfly-like mark on the body and recalls that two and a half years ago, there had been a pair of sisters who used to sing at “getais” (stage-shows) during the Seventh Lunar Month.  Dubbed the “2 Butterflies”, the duo comprises elder sister, Hu Caidie, and younger sister, Hu Huadie.Caidie and Huadie were groomed by down-and-out singer, Tang Jiasheng.  Having spent most of their time together, the three invariably develop amorous feelings…  But Jiasheng only has eyes for Huadie.  Upon further investigation, Daxiong and Yijing uncover a crime of passion.  The spurned Caidie had harangued Huadie and Jiasheng.  Incensed, Huadie accidentally killed Caidie and had buried her with Jiasheng’s help. Just when everyone thinks that this case is simple and has been solved, Daxiong makes a startling discovery: the deceased was Huadie, not Caidie!  Then, who is this “Huadie” whom they know?  In an unexpected twist, the real culprit is discovered to be…

Wheel of Destiny
Liu Wenbao goes with his friends to an ancient graveyard to pray for lucky numbers.  He feels a chill round his nape and turning back, he sees an ashen-faced woman with flowing hair, in a white gown.  Startled, he suffers a heart seizure.  His friend tries to feed him his medication but they don’t seem to have any effect.  Thus Liu Wenbao dies of fright, having witnessed a ghostly apparition.  Or, did he? Daxiong and Yijing investigate the “graveyard prayers for lucky numbers” and expose the scam where perpetrators dupe ignorant people, who are desperate to strike lottery into believing in the existence of spirits who can answer their prayers and give them the lucky numbers by clever manipulation.  The duo further realizes that Liu Wenbao’s medicine had been swapped, which makes the person who had done this deed, the real culprit!In an unexpected turn of events, Daxiong and Yijing realize that the real culprit is someone whom they had initially neglected.  Who is she?

Fallen Angel
James recalls that someone had warned him about an impending blood-shedding encounter that would befall him when out of the blue, a man rushes up to him and forcefully stabs him in the abdomen.  The culprit is Chen Zhihui, who was then diagnosed to be mentally unsound and committed to an asylum.  Half a year later, Daxiong and Yijing receive news of Chen Zhihui’s suicide and baffled, decide to investigate the case.  They fail to establish any connection between James and Chen Zhihui.Big Mole gets to know the naïve Bai Xiaoyun and discovers that she is a foreboder.  He also comes to know about the White Cloud Alter.  Xiaoyun’s uncle, Xue Youren, manages this Alter.  Daxiong and Yijing come into contact with the Alter and discover that Chen Zhihui had been its follower.  Half a year ago, James had visited the Alter and Xiaoyun had predicted that James’ life would be in danger…  So, is Xiaoyun’s premonition for real?  Or could it be a hoax created by Xue Youren?Before long, Yu Jie’s (a forensic scientist) investigations lead her to realize that Xue Youren might have been the head of a child-smuggling syndicate many years ago.  What would become of Xue Youren?

A Pact with the Devil
Three months back, a reporter was found dead in a dimly-lit back alley.  The deceased’s cause of death could not be established even after autopsy and the police had no choice but to classify the case as accidental death.Daxiong’s suspicions are kindled when the files get transferred to the Records Department.  Believing the deceased to be murdered, he starts to retrace the reporter’s activities prior to death and discovers that he had been tailing a group of handicapped child-beggars with the intention of reporting on the issue.  From the photos the reporter had taken, he finds clues that lead him to the syndicate’s lair where he finds the missing children.  At the same time, he discovers that Yu Jie is somehow linked to the syndicate.20 years ago, Yu Qing (Yu Jie’s elder brother) and Yu Jie were abducted and brought overseas where the mastermind had intended for their limbs to be amputated to elicit sympathy as child-beggars.  To protect his sister, Yu Qing sacrificed himself and had his calves amputated.  Two years later, the police cracked down on the syndicate and siblings were freed.  Yu Qing continued to beg to support his sister.  It took the two of them another six years to return home but by which time, their father had died and their mother had succumbed to Alzheimer’s.  Embittered, Yu Qing vowed to find the cad who had wrecked their lives.To find the culprit, Yu Qing turned to vice and even became the head of a “professional” beggars’ syndicate.  Yu Jie grew up to be a forensic scientist.  Once they get hold of the culprit’s identity, they put their plans for vengeance into action.Can Daxiong and Yijing stop these siblings who are bent on seeking revenge?  What would happen to Yu Jie?The Surgical Demon is also implicated in this case and very soon, fate would ensure that the nemeses’ paths would cross.

The Surgical Demon (Finale)
It’s been half a year since the capture of the copycat killer, Lin Zhengwei.  Just when Daxiong and Yijing give up hope of ever catching the Surgical Demon, another murder is committed.  Investigations lead them to realize that this is related to the Surgical Demon, and the Demon’s next victim is…  Daxiong’s father, Lu Duofu!Would Daxiong be able to save his father?Which of the nemesis, Daxiong or the Surgical Demon would be the ultimate victor?Will the love relationship between Daxiong and Yijing come into fruition? Stay tuned…