The Voice of China Season 3 produced by Canxing Productions of STAR CHINA MEDIA GROUP on Zhejiang TV IS COMING! The large-scale inspiring talent reality show is reaching out to Chinese worldwide in search of the one with The Voice. If you’ve got The Voice, we want you!

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The Voice of China Season 3

Details of Audition Round 1


21 Jun 2014 (Saturday)


Caldecott Broadcast Centre

MediaCorp Reception
Registration Time

9am to 1pm

Registration will close at 1pm sharp

Audition Time

11am to 6pm



  1. Aged 16 years old & above (as of 21 June 2014)
  2. Open to all nationalities, with the ability to speak fluent Mandarin
  3. Chinese race (Other races are welcome if you can speak fluent Mandarin)
Pre-requisiteMust be able to sing well and possess a good voice 
Documents to bring along

Passport or NRIC (Original) for verification of identity.

To submit 2 coloured photos:

  1. Full body
  2. Close-up of face
Story to Prepare

Participants have to prepare, in Chinese,

  1. The reasons and background story for joining this competition
  2. Self-introduction (character, personal background story)

Songs for Audition

Please prepare 3 songs:

  1. A song that can show off your unique vocal style and at the same time possess a certain level of difficulty.
  2. A song that is entirely different in genre from the first song (For example, if the first song is a fast-paced song, then the second song should be a slow-paced; If the first song is pop, second song can be jazz)
  3. A song that can best express your inner feelings and has touched you.
Demo & Chinese write-up

Please bring along and submit:

  1. 3 songs (without any music accompaniment), saved in a CD or DVD in wav, wma or mp3 format.
  2. A write-up (in Chinese) of why you chose to sing the 3 songs
  1. Please fill in the official application form provided by The Voice of China
  2. Please sign the Terms and Conditions Form provided by MediaCorp