Today I Am

Today I Am 下课追梦去

成长的过程充满着冒险与探索!在[下课追梦去- Today I Am]的节目中,两位小朋友就有机会可以当家做主!


小朋友是否曾经幻想过长大后想要做什么呢? 是百年树人的老师?是创意无限的艺术家?还是爱心漫溢的动物管理员?对于这些看似丰富多彩的职业,小朋友又了解多少呢?这个节目中,小朋友们就有机会尝试并亲身体验这些行业里的酸甜苦辣!



节目希望两个小朋友都会为自己的梦想积极进取,以认真的态度,还有勇敢学、不怕脏 的精神向我们的专业导师学习!当然也希望借着这个机会让两位小朋友了解到他们梦寐以求的工作背后的真实面貌!

Every child has dreams. From wanting to be the next Picasso to looking after elephants at the zoo, or even inspiring new generations of students as a teacher, the possibilities are endless. much do they really know about these professions?

In this brand new program, kids will have the chance to discover more and experience their dream jobs firsthand!

Every week, two kids will be given the opportunity to participate in an internship related to their dream occupation. The catch? Our two kids will be sent to different workplaces, where they will experience vastly different job scopes within the same field of work.

Today I Am kicks off with both kids shadowing their assigned mentors for a day. As they follow their mentors around, the kids learn the ins and outs of their new jobs and do their best to process the vast amount of information being given to them. At the end of the crash course, our kids will be issued a challenge by their respective mentors. Will our enterprising young job seekers up to the task?

The jobs are tough and often messy, but someone's gotta do them! Watch our kids get down and dirty as they find out if their ideal jobs live up to their imagination.