My Grand Partner


‘My Grand Partner’ is a new outdoor game series that combines facts and information of our society with emotional connections between 2 generations. Grandfathers and grandmothers were all young once, and the younger generation may benefit from interacting with them. On the other hand, by hanging out with their grandchildren, grandparents may learn more about how youngsters think, and perhaps find the adolescent joys they had lost with the passing of time.  The program combines the game show with information elements in order to enhance interactions between grandparents and grandchildren. This increases cross-generational exchanges and emotional connection.

The game design considers the characteristics of both generations and their worldviews. The game provides a bridge between the two generations, as they learn while going through the game stages together. They can ‘communicate, learn, and benefit’ together, and share their ‘memories of time’ through the game, strengthening their inter-generational relationship and passing on grandparents’ experience and wisdom. Through the ‘transcendence’ games designed for the teams, home viewers and contestants will understand our local history and cultures from new perspectives.