Good Man Good Food

《好男人,好料理》Good Man Good Food




Every episode is helmed by a male celeb guest, who will set off from Singapore to explore landmark ingredients and delicacies abroad. Providing a whole new perspective to travel, he will uncover the various stories behind the delicacies and try his hand at whipping up a dish himself.

Hosts include: Qi Yu Wu, Mark Lee, Darren Lim, Ix Shen, Pornsak, Willin Low (Chef-owner of Wild Rocket) and many more good men!

Countries visited include: China, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan & Thailand.

Ep           Country                Artiste

1              HK                        Mark Lee

2              Korea                   Ben Yeo

3              China                   Qi Yu Wu             

4              Australia              Willin Low

5              Taiwan                 Darren Lim

6              Korea                   Melvyn Lee

7              Thailand               Pornsak/Chua En Lai

8              China                   Ix Shen

9              Malaysia              Thomas Chai

10           Taiwan                  Lawrence Wong

11           Australia                Nat Ho

12           Thailand                Zhang Zhenhuan

13           Malaysia               Zheng Geping