Xin Xin Primary School Grade 4 welcomes a transfer student, ALIEN in this semester. On his first day at school, ALIEN gets confronted by bullies but is later rescued by “Martial Arts Expert” Huang Fei Hong who manages to fend them off. It turns out that Fei Hong’s father is a “Martial Arts/Stunt Master” with the TV Station and hence is well equipped with the skills to help his classmates fend off bullies. Fei Hong and ALIEN decide to embark on a brotherhood, like two overgrown children trying to conquer the old Jianghu;

Fei Hong invites ALIEN to join him as “protected member”. At first, ALIEN was hesitant but upon knowing that there are free movie tickets and opportunities to participate in filming at the TV Station, he happily complies.

ALIEN is a die-hard movie/television buff across all genres – romance, sci-fi, horror and he often gets his emotions led by the scenes in the show; ALIEN’s favorite is sci-fi films that showcases supernatural powers, and Superman is his all-time favorite superhero. Envious of the superheroes with supernatural powers, he would often imagine himself to be one of them.

One day, Fei Hong asked ALIEN out to hand him tickets, and with no apparent reason, fellow classmate Xiong Da Ren got into trouble with a bunch of seniors. Fei Hong stood up to mediate but the other party refused to give in and  gave the three of them a bashing and snatched ALIEN’s tickets. Their action antagonized ALIEN. ALIEN lost his cool and ended up in brawl with the other party; Strange enough, ALIEN managed to subdue them with just a few moves. Fei Hong and Da Ren looked on in astonishment as ALIEN went on to ask Fei Hong : “ Why did they suddenly fight in slow motion?” The truth is that ALIEN was too swift in his movements as compared to the other party! Isn’t he aware of what he was doing?

Xiong Da Ren checked up on ALIEN’s background through his friends on the net and reported his findings to Fei Hong ; It turns out that ALIEN was suspected of arson in school, thus explaining his transfer. Both in shock, they start to speculate that ALIEN must be from a secret society family… Only to realize that it was all a misunderstanding! Not only are ALIEN’s parents well mannered, they are also warm people who invite his classmates to attend ALIEN’s 10th Birthday Party.

No one turned up for ALIEN’s birthday party and in fact, no one dared to. Despite having his favorite Superman cake from his parents, nothing could cheer him up. ALIEN insists that he is not guilty for setting fire to his school and that lightning sparked off the fire. No one believed him, and even he finds it hard to believe… Faced with this situation, his parents decide to come clean to ALIEN about the truth, the truth that they are not Earthlings but Aliens! They are aliens from Planet ALAMA.

ALIEN is in denial, because the aliens that were depicted in movies are usually equipped with supernatural powers, but he possesses none. Everything about him was just not extraordinary; He has always gotten ordinary grades and never even had a high score. ALIEN’s parents explained to him that it was not because he didn’t have any supernatural powers but that his powers have not been unlocked. Now that he has turned 10, it means that he can unleash his hidden potential and slowly uncover his powers as a planeteer from Planet ALAMA. That includes supernatural powers like: Mind-reading, bionic eyesight, enhanced hearing, having an indestructible body and super sonic speed etc…

To convince ALIEN that they are not lying, his parents give a demonstration of their super powers; And shares with him about how Planet ALAMA encountered serious pollution that resulted in the extermination and having their planeteers fleeing the planet for their lives… Their family chose to seek refuge on Earth and had to adopt the lives of Earthlings. As Earthlings have too many shortcomings, they decided to lock ALIEN’s powers to avoid getting them abused. And only when ALIEN has picked a good trait from humans can his powers then be slowly unveiled. The level of power he acquires is dependent on the number of good traits he picks up and the number of good deeds he does. His parents forbid ALIEN to reveal his alien identity and if he does, he will lose all of his powers.

The alien identity came as a big surprise for ALIEN on his birthday and he is excited to know that he can finally follow the footsteps of his idol…Superman! ALIEN can hardly wait to uncover his first supernatural power: Mind-reading.

Early in the morning, ALIEN puts on a chunky pair of black spectacles to school, mimicking the looks of his idol and getting ready to do a good deed; To stand up for the weak… After a long wait, he hears a classmate’s scream for help! ALIEN takes off his glasses and runs to the rescue… Only to find out that it was a fellow classmate screaming out of fear for a cat. Just as ALIEN is preparing to leave, he hears a “scream for help” from the cat. ALIEN then realizes that he can understand animal conversations and the cat is asking for ALIEN’s help to save its owner. ALIEN gets help from Fei Hong and Xiong Da Ren and two initially thought that ALIEN is just blabbering nonsense but they managed to find the cat’s owner and rescue him…

ALIEN successfully unlocks his mind-reading powers and with the ability to read others’ mind, will it be easier for him to help others; while having the ability to read their minds, he can also see their motives. He notices that some harbor ulterior motives or negative thinking and it is definitely not easy to help these people unconditionally.

ALIEN uses his mind-reading powers to read his parents’ minds and discovers that it was his parents who planted a “destructive virus” in his memory to prevent him from getting good grades so that they keep him in school and make him study. After reading his parents’ minds, ALIEN suddenly loses the ability to control his powers… During class, the thoughts of his classmates overpower the sounds of chatting and keeps disrupting ALIEN; The situation got worse in the movie theatre and he cannot focus on watching the movie; Even when he is watching television programmes at home, he can hear the ants at home asking for help, the lizards having a quarrel and the flies singing……

ALIEN is bothered throughout the day and he is unable to sleep in peace and hence went to seek his parents’ help; Upon knowing that ALIEN abused his mind-reading powers, they reprimand him and takes away ALIEN’s mismanaged powers, in the process, accidentally taking more of what should be taken, leaving ALIEN in a daze. He forgets his identity as an Earthling and nearly takes the form of an alien from Planet ALAMA planet naked; Luckily, he manages to regain consciousness but is shocked by his own behavior.

To unlock more supernatural powers, ALIEN keeps finding opportunities to accomplish good deeds but ends up getting into trouble or causing more disturbances instead. For example, mistaking someone’s well sorted recyclable items as normal trash and almost throwing everything away. Fei Hong and Xiong Da Ren end up having to retrieve the “trash” for the person… Wanting to show off his good results during class, ALIEN secretly finds the key in the alien manual to activate the googoo search engine and embarrasses the teacher in class and mocked at his classmates’ mistake. This results in partial loss of his powers…

In another instance, ALIEN tries to help his classmate regain confidence but misused his powers and ends up making his classmate complacent instead of confident! The muddle-headed ALIEN confuses thrifty and miserly; Generosity and wastefulness; and got himself into many sticky situations and trouble…

Being an earnest learner, ALIEN decides to pick up Kung Fu after watching <Kung Fu Panda> and insists that Fei Hong takes him to the TV Station to observe Fei Hong’s father at work. ALIEN almost revealed his supernatural powers when he attempts a stunt out of complacency. However, Fei Hong ends up becoming the first Earthling to discover that ALIEN possessed supernatural powers…

A beautiful girl named Yang Gui Fei appears in school. Gui Fei’s appearance makes ALIEN exceptionally excited, to the extent of losing his powers; ALIEN gets excited, thinking that he may have found other aliens but Fei Hong and Xiong Da Ren depicts what he is experiencing as “falling in love”! Love between an Alien and Earthling? ALIEN watches the love story of Superman and his girlfriend over and over again, worried that he would follow the footsteps of his idol whilst getting himself paranoid! He makes a fool out of himself in front of Gui Fei’s parents.

How much time will it take for ALIEN to unlock and uncover all of his supernatural powers? A mission with no time limit yet with so much mystery to it.

The trash on campus piles up out of the blue and the students become resistant towards recycling and everyone is trying to generate more rubbish. ALIEN and friends begin to realize that something is amiss as the rubbish increases and the new gardener in school seems to be getting happier and treats the students who create rubbish to ice cream.

Despite accepting the ice cream treat from the gardener, ALIEN and friends refuse to participate in the generating of rubbish and even reminds each other that a lot of rubbish can categorized and recycled. The gardener smiles and asks ALIEN why he is so anxious about Earth? “ If Earth is destroyed, you can migrate to other planets.” ALIEN is taken aback and the look in the gardener’s eyes is like a giant magnet, sucking the energy out of him, ALIEN runs into a high fever and becomes weaker by the day…

It turns out that the gardener is from the rebel army in planet ALAMA and in order to snatch the throne, he created pollution in the planet and stocked up food and water ; manipulated chaos and attempted to overthrow the king but before he could get his way, the habitat on the planet got into such a bad state that it totally destroyed planet ALAMA.

Filled with hatred and vengeance, the Rebel General searched everywhere on Earth for the King and Queen who were seeking refuge with their son ALIEN! The Rebel General tries to harm ALIEN… but never did he expect that back then when the King and Queen left the planet, they did not manage to save their own child and when they saw the Rebel General’s baby stuck in the sea of fire, the kind-hearted pair took the baby away and raised him on Earth. In order to suppress the negative energy in the child, the couple locked his supernatural powers and only until he was able to differentiate the good from the bad and learn the good traits from humans and mend his bad habits will they reveal his true identity – the boy is ALIEN.

Not only did the Rebel General destroy his own planet, he is now, on the verge of destroying his own child. ALIEN becomes weaker by the day after eating the polluted ice cream and because his energy is depleting way too quickly, he is unable to launch auto recovery… ALIEN’s parents and Rebel General tried to save ALIEN with their combined powers… but to no avail. They wanted to contact other Planet ALAMA planeteers residing on Earth to seek help but with ALIEN as the son of the villain who is bent on destroying their planet, will they be willing to help? Fei Hong comes up with an idea, to mobilize 5 minutes of energy saving on Facebook across the world, hoping to make time to get ALIEN’s parents to transfer the energy onto ALIEN…

Will this plan work? Can ALIEN be saved? Or will he disappear to a place unknown? Will his dream of becoming a superhero be crushed?

Join the pure and innocent little alien ALIEN on this self-discovery journey where he will learn about the good virtues and mend the bad habits that he picks up on Planet Earth!