Rock Republic




Life is truly like a box of chocolates for the Ji siblings. After all, you really won't know what to expect when you possess powers that seem more like a curse than a gift - acting up when least expected and not working when most needed. Add to the equation a pair of foster grandparents, albeit caring and loving, who are sometimes more playmates than guardians. Life for Ji Zhen, Ji Yu and Ji Jin is indeed unpredictable and is about to get even more so when a mysterious new boy, An Shun, joins their school of music and arts.

Through a series of events, the Ji siblings with realise powers come responsibility - and together with An Shun, the super band, ROCK REPUBLIC is formed, with the children using their music and their powers to right the wrongs around them. Following right at their heels are a rival pop duo, the MeloManiacs, who create havoc wherever they go.

As the children uncover more and more about their powers, questions and conflicts arise: Where do the powers come from? Why is An Shun like them, and only An Shun? What happened to their parents and why did they never return for the Ji siblings?

ROCK REPUBLIC is a whirlwind musical odyssey that makes children question everything they have ever known.