Fun Lab

Fun Lab 疯狂实验室




- 干冰 Dry Ice
- 爆发 Explosion
- 玉米粉 Cornstarch
- 密度 Density
- 鸡蛋 Egg
- 气球 Balloon
- 电 Electricity
- 水 Water
- 冰 Ice
- 气压 Air Pressure
- 磁铁 Magnet
- 光 Light
- 地心引力 Gravity

Science is never fun with just books and words.

Ever wonder why so many children want to be scientists?
It's the experiments that they are able to do!

The excitement of anticipating what is going to happen and watching how science works is something that livens up the imagination of children everywhere.

The programme aims to make science come alive with fun science experiments and through fun, engage kids and help them get excited about science.

In each episode, different experiments will be carried out, with lots of questions being asked to get the viewers interested and constantly keep them guessing.

The programme starts with 3 children (Xiao En, Xiao Jun and Xiao Kai) who have a curiosity about scientific or natural phenomenon that happen around them. The children will then seek help from the mad scientist. The mad scientist will satisfy their curiosity through a series of experiments conducted by the mad scientist and his assistant Miao Miao.

Each science experiment is accompanied by a simple-to-understand explanation that helps the children explore various science concepts.