Koffee Did It

Synopsis/ Storyline:

Ruiling is a rebellious and problematic 10 year old girl who enjoys spending her time day dreaming and doodling on his textbooks. Her teachers find him hard to handle and she doesn’t even listen to her father, John, 38, a busy salesman.

One day, Ruiling accidentally swaps her bag with a total stranger and ends up bringing home a strange parcel labeled “Koffee” that contains a cute panda plush which even comes with a list of rules to follow in taking care of it.

Ruiling ignores the warnings on the list and intends to return the panda plush to the stranger the next day. But one night, Ruiling wakes up to find the once innocent-looking soft toy has now transformed into a life-size panda, with a life of it’s own and a wild personality.

With big teary eyes, Koffee (the panda) looks at Ruiling and mouths the only two words it can say: “Pa pa!”.

From that day on, Ruiling becomes a reluctant parent to a strange pet that is even more mischievous than her and comes to learn the hardships of parenting which made her reflect upon his own ways.

The worst part is; she seems to be the only one who can see Koffee.