The Caregivers

Episodes: 20

Executive Producer: Jasmine Woo

Story Planner: Ng Kah Huay


The older generation refers to a nurse as “Missy” in the mistaken notion that it means “Nurse”. Consequently, a male nurse is addressed as “Mister Missy”.

40-year-old Yang Haotian, a home nurse, makes house calls to old and feeble chronic patients to provide regular home nursing services. Cheery in nature, he brings joy to his patients. Making up his medical team are Nurse Liu Xuewen and Dr. Fang Yiting.

Long-term association with his patients and their families has enabled Haotian to be familiar with every patient’s family situation. Besides dealing with his patients’ medical issues, he also gets involved in their lives. Among the patients are:

Lin Weilun, a 16-year-old orphan who quits school voluntarily to take care of his grandmother, a stroke patient. Neighbours are touched by this filial boy; 70-year-old diabetic Liu Tianzheng who is abandoned by his three daughters and cared for by his adopted daughter Liu Si’en instead. When he passes away, his children fight over his assets all the way to the court with Si’en; Housewife Zeng Xiqin who raises a 13-year-old handicapped boy as a promise to her late good friend even at the expense of straining ties with her children; 28-year-old paraplegic Zhou Wenjing who is cheated of her insurance payout by her husband who subsequently deserts her. It is her elderly mother-in-law who stands by her and castigates her own son for his callousness. She takes him to court… and so on.

These real-life cases are under Haotian’s care, and he tries too much to help them in all areas of their lives. Yiting does not approve of what Haotian is doing. She insists that medical personnel and patients must maintain a distance. A healthcare worker appears unprofessional if he is carried away by his emotions.

Xu Xiuya, a pretty and young family member of a patient, becomes reliant on Haotian after experiencing his unconditional care, and patience. She openly expresses her love to Haotian who avoids her like the plague out of fright.

Yiting mocks Haotian for getting himself into this predicament. Xuewen, on the other hand, advises him not to engage in wishful thinking. Haotian thinks that the reaction by the two women is extreme. What he does not expect is that his two working partners have fallen for him without realizing it. Yiting is ever-confident of her own worth, sets a high standard. She is unimpressed with the number of fellow doctors wooing her. Never does she expect to fall for man like a Haotian who is inferior to her in every way. What bothers Yiting even more is that Xuewen has confided in her that she loves Haotian. This places Yiting in an emotional dilemma. On another front, Xuewen is shocked to find out that Haotian’s younger brother, Haoran, is the guy who jilted her during their younger days. Back then, she had sworn revenge. The passage of time has tampered Xuewen’s hatred of Haoran, however, the latter feels adamantly that Xuewen is taking revenge by toying with his brother’s feelings.

Unfortunately, Yiting is slapped with a lawsuit after her patient dies from being prescribed the wrong medication. To absolve Yiting, Haotian assumes responsibility for the negligence without hesitation. Thankfully, the investigations prove that the patient committed suicide and Yiting is pronounced clear of guilt. At this stage, Yiting dispels her reservations and concludes that she can place her love in Haotian.  Haotian’s sense of inferiority, however, scares him into taking flight. Then one incident after another befalls his younger siblings.

Haomin, Haotian’s younger sister, has a bad fall while trying to outdo her boyfriend Sun Shaowei in rollerblading. She loses consciousness after suffering head injuries. Haomin fears that she will be permanently paralysed and bedridden. Haoran is framed by his business partner for a speeding accident that resulted in fatality…

Faced with his sibling’s problems one after another, Haotian feels duty-bound towards them. For the sake of his patients and siblings, Mr. Missy casts aside his plan to travel overseas. At the same time, he faces his emotional entanglements with Yiting and Xuewen squarely…