Giant 2013

《爱上GIANT过肥年2013 Fortune Festival at Giant 2013

113日起,每逢星期日,晚上9 Debuts 13 January, every Sunday, 9pm

Usher in the prosperous Year of the Snake with the new season of “Fortune Festival at Giant”!


Game I - Grab All You Can 时来运转财神到

In this game, contestants will look for designated products using the clues provided. It’s a race against time!

Game 2 - Guess the Price 猜猜价格好过年

Regular shoppers familiar with prices of products will have the upperhand in this game! 

Game 3 - Red Packet Bonus Round 步步高升发发发

It’s a game of chance and luck!

Game 4 - Fortune Tree 幸运树

Contestants will race against time to match pictures of products from the Fortune Tree to pictures on a big board. The person with the most products matched will be the winner!

《爱上GIANT过肥年2013招募活动 Fortune Festival at Giant 2013 Recruitment