This i-Weekly Show


配合畅销杂志《i周刊》,《i不释手》让丰富的平面内容化身成电视内容。节目中主持人王禄江、权怡凤、陈汉玮将化身成好玩好笑的杂志或电视幕后工作人员,大爆本地娱乐圈的内幕,带领观众到各处吃喝玩乐,并邀请艺人及各界名人包括阿姐郑惠玉、曹国辉、戚玉武、杨志龙、Keith Png、符标雄、林海燕、Addy Lee等等上节目,煮好菜。


A light-hearted magazine show with characterization in our first-time collaboration with i-weekly.

The programme consisted of:

1. An entertainment news segment which dug into the juicy gossips of the local entertainment scene

2. A cooking segment in which our local artistes will whip up their favourite dishes.

3. A lifestyle segment featuring all the latest restaurants, cafes and interesting shopping outlets.


Bryan Wong, Chan Hanwei, Quan Yifeng

Invited Guest Artistes:

Zoe Tay, Terence Cao, Qi Yuwu, Ben Yeo, Keith Png, Fu Biaoxiong, Lin Haiyan, Addy Lee etc.