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WINNERS: SilkyGirl Best Couple Contest!
ep 9
  • 视频:幕后花絮

    The contestants wish Cupid could give them a helping hand.


Dating Tips
  • 约会小锦囊


    The following tips will help you increase your success in your journey of finding the right one.

Who's Your Match
  • 配对游戏 Who's Your Match

    你不是《爱。进行中》的参赛者却想扩大社交圈子?你也可以透过"配对游戏" 结识新朋友。

    Play Who's Your Match? and you may just find a new friend.

关于《爱。进行中》About Love in Progress
  • 单身男女集合咯!


    Singles, fall in!

    Channel 8's brand new matchmaking reality programme, combines intellectual analysis by relationship experts, ruthless elimination and exciting twists to bring together 1 couple every episode! Debuts 8 Oct, Monday, 8.00pm

《爱。进行中》爱情顾问 Love In Progress consultants
SMS有奖游戏!SMS Contest
  • sms contest预测成功配对SMS有奖游戏!SMS Contest

    在节目播出时,SMS预测成功配对的参赛者,答对就有机会赢取价值$1100的赞助商产品!详情请留意节目播出! Predict the final result and SMS your prediction

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