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外国部长率领拜访团来本地,到一所高尔夫球俱乐部里欢聚。户外停车场中的一个垃圾桶突然发生爆炸,冒出浓烟,被邻里警局的两名警员 -- 张贵祥和韩晓洋在执行巡逻时遇上。

与此同时,许多劳工聚集在商业大厦外,高喊口号,要求增加工资,工潮如火如荼进行中。调查官 -- 唐耀佳和廖心怡第一时间赶到,尽力安抚众人的情绪。这时,其中一名带头者突然喊出反警方的口号,引起骚动。耀佳怀疑这名男子 -- 马家全利用工潮来举行示威活动。

距离数百公里外的小岛,警察海岸保卫处接获当地岛民报案,听到一声怪异的爆炸声响。指挥官 -- 章岑琳和队友一起到小岛上进行搜寻;赫然发现岛内的树林内残留一些炸弹的残骸;岑琳怀疑有人在此地进行试验炸弹爆破的行动。

'特别罪案调查组'的 钟易达来到俱乐部外的案发现场做调查,从现场发现的爆炸物,得知是个威力不大的炸弹。由于当时有各国外交部长在俱乐部内聚会,不排除罪犯的目标就是在场的重要官员。



It isn't just a badge that weighs on their shoulders, but the unmistakable mark of courage, loyalty, integrity and fairness.

Set against the backdrop of the World Security Summit, this 20-parter is woven with stories revolving around the daily routine of investigators and neighbourhood police. Enticing viewers with a cliffhanger in every episode, the drama climaxes with a crisis at the large-scale international meeting.

A delegation led by a foreign minister gathers at a golf club. Neighbourhood police officers Zhang Guixiang and Han Xiaoyang are on patrol when a garbage can explodes in the open car park.

Outside a commercial building, workers shout their demands for higher wages. Investigators Tang Yaojia and Liao Xinyi rush to the scene. Pandemonium breaks out when one of the leaders, Ma Jiaquan, shouts an anti-police slogan. Yaojia suspects him of inciting the protesters to stage a demonstration.

On an island several hundred kilometers away, Police Coast Guard officer Zhang Cenlin and her team are combing the place after islanders reported strange blasting sounds. The discovery of bomb remnants in the forest arouses Cenlin's suspicion that bomb testings were carried out.

Zhong Yi Da of the Special Investigation Section, CID arrives at the golf club and examines the shrapnel. The likelihood that it was targeted at the foreign ministers at the club cannot be discounted.

Shortly after, a video uploaded on the Web shows a hooded man hanging in mid-air with a time bomb in plain sight. The message onscreen taunts the police to rescue the victim in time.

Who is the group masterminding the plot? Are the perpetrators linked to international terrorists? Or are anti-Police dissidents seizing the occasion to stir up trouble so as to embarrass the Government during the international meeting? With these threats looming, the Police are on a heart-stopping race against time to uncover the layers of conspiracy.