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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 08:45

《对对碰》It Takes Two

每集剧情 Episodic Synopsis


Fishball noodle stalls Hao Ji and Niu Ji are keen competitors in a hawker centre. Hao Ji is managed by husband and wife team Hao Youcai and Luo Na. Youcai is a honest man whereas Luo Na is a hot-tempered woman who is at constant loggerheads with Niu Wuyin, the owner of Niu Ji. Cheery and helpful young fishmonger Fish Prince is well-liked by other stall owners at the market and customers alike.



Niu Wuyin makes advances towards new citizen Zhang Ling, making Watermelon Ming jealous. He is further infuriated when “Opposition Party” Lao Cai chats Zhang Ling up as well and picks up a fight with him. Fish Prince hurriedly steps in to stop the fight.



Luo Na believes Niu Wuyin’s booming business is attributed to advice from a master. She offers a high price to engage Master Hong when he hints that he is Wuyin’s advisor. Master Hong advises her to kidnap the God of Fortune to change her luck!



Youcai reprimands Zhijie and Meiying when they lament their flat is too small but he gets blamed instead as everyone feels he should be taking the responsibility for their present state of living. Youcai decides to kidnap the God of Fortune to rid of his bad luck.

(Continued): Episode 5 - 8
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