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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 08:45

《对对碰》It Takes Two

每集剧情 Episodic Synopsis


Fishball noodle stalls Hao Ji and Niu Ji are keen competitors in a hawker centre. Hao Ji is managed by husband and wife team Hao Youcai and Luo Na. Youcai is a honest man whereas Luo Na is a hot-tempered woman who is at constant loggerheads with Niu Wuyin, the owner of Niu Ji. Cheery and helpful young fishmonger Fish Prince is well-liked by other stall owners at the market and customers alike.



Niu Wuyin makes advances towards new citizen Zhang Ling, making Watermelon Ming jealous. He is further infuriated when “Opposition Party” Lao Cai chats Zhang Ling up as well and picks up a fight with him. Fish Prince hurriedly steps in to stop the fight.



Luo Na believes Niu Wuyin’s booming business is attributed to advice from a master. She offers a high price to engage Master Hong when he hints that he is Wuyin’s advisor. Master Hong advises her to kidnap the God of Fortune to change her luck!



Youcai reprimands Zhijie and Meiying when they lament their flat is too small but he gets blamed instead as everyone feels he should be taking the responsibility for their present state of living. Youcai decides to kidnap the God of Fortune to rid of his bad luck.

第5集 (PG)


Luo Na and family manage to successfully “snatch” the God of Fortune from Niu Wu Yin. Luo Na instructs her family to stare at the statue for auspicious numbers and they manage to find 4 lucky numbers. Luo Na bets on the numbers that every night but does not win anything. Her luck turns for the worse the next day when she gets fined for unhygienic practices at her stall.



Luo Na goes into a rage when she discovers her dad has spent all his CPF on women. He collapses all of a sudden while she is confronting the women. It turns out he has been taking illegal “Viagra” which has severely affected his health. Luo Na is worried his assets will land in the hands of her siblings should he dies.



You Cai is worried his business will suffer a further blow when he learns a TV food show will be featuring Niu Wu Yin’s stall. He enlists Ah Pao’s help to sabotage the filming. Ah Pao arranges for people to disrupt the filming causing it to be postponed.



Niu Wu Yin confronts You Cai for sabotaging the filming. You Cai turns the table around and accuses Wu Yin of stealing his secret recipe and even went as far as accusing their master of adding borax to his fishballs, causing him to die of anger.



A food critic samples the noodles from Hao Ji and Niu Jiu and tells You Cai that his noodles are not up to par with the Hao Ji brand. You Cai decides to start afresh and is determined to recreate the original taste of Hao Ji. He is further defeated when his mother claims the standard of his fishballs is light years apart from his master’s.

第10集(PG-Some Sexual References)


Niu Wu Yin comes up with a new promotional strategy to give away 2 additional fishballs at the usual price. Not to be outdone, Luo Na decides to give 3 fishballs albeit much smaller-sized ones causing Niu Wu Yin and her to get into another quarrel.



Wei Jie gobbles down the fishball noodles Luo Na brings to him. She discovers he hasn’t been eating well since his divorce and offers to cook for him on impulse. Luo Na begins to feel marrying You Cai was a mistake.



Using her mum’s waist injury as an excuse to return home to cook for her, Luo Na runs off to cook for Wei Jie instead. She fanatasizes about having a better life should she had married Wei Jie. She recalls the happier times she had with Wei Jie and feels that he is interested in her.



David borrows money from Amy on the pretext of returning it to the loansharks. Yu Wang Zi sees through David’s lie and helps Amy to get the money back. David admits the money is intended for his overseas trip with his girlfriend, causing Amy to bitterly lament that she has spoilt this child of hers. Yu Wang Zi consoles Amy and suggests her to make a police report to capture the loansharks.

第14集(PG-Some Sexual References)


Mei Ying gangs up with B Niu to stage an incident to lure Tony into saving her. Just when she thinks her act has succeeded, Tony reveals the picture of his crush to her. She is jealous when she discovers his crush is the girl who sells flowers at the market.

第15集(PG-Some Sexual References)


You Cai and Wu Yin fight in the toilet over the leasing of You Cai’s stall. Luo Na rushes to the scene and manages to subdue Wu Yin. She chides You Cai for being a loser in both business and fights and demands for a divorce.



Luo Na discovers symptoms of pregnancy and is worried her divorce plans will be thwarted should she is certified pregnant. Wei Jie consoles her but she mistakes his kind intentions as being interested in her.


第17集(PG-Some Sexual References)


Luo Na decides to get an abortion behind You Cai’s back when she is certified pregnant. She wants You Cai to lease his stall out and find another job but he is determined to keep his stall and work harder. In a fit of anger, Luo Na accidentally spills the news of her pregnancy which delights You Cai.



You Cai wins 4D and his luck turns for the better. He decides to change his fate by working even harder. He recalls his Master’s words and decides to adopt his method of making fishballs from scratch even though it will take more time and effort. Luo Na is skeptical of his decision.



You Cai revamps his recipe and lets Mei Shan try his noodles. Mei Shan proclaims the noodles are delicious and even asks him where he bought them from. Encouraged by Mei Shan’s comment, You Cai further pushes himself by trying out famous fishball noodles around the island to further improve his recipe.

第20集(PG-Some Sexual References)


Yu Wangzi proves Ah Pao to be part of the loanshark syndicate through a simple phone call. Xu Jie understands his vendetta with loansharks rising from his father’s debts, however, she advises him to keep an open mind about Ah Pao. Tony concurs with Xu Jie and tells Yu Wangzi that he is being unfair to Ah Pao, resulting in a heated argument.


第21集(PG-Some Sexual References)


Niu Wuyin’s father points out to him on the deteriorating standard of his fishballs. Xiuhua reveals Wuyin has recently changed their supplier and no longer makes the fishballs by hand. Wuyin retorts by saying he has made these adjustments in line with customers’ palates.

第22集PG-Some Sexual References)


Luo Na is convinced Weijie is referring to her when he tells her he is in love with a married woman. She tells Youcai she had a dinner date with Weijie and even reveals Weijie’s interest in her. Thinking Luo Na is just ranting, Youcai dismisses her words, causing her to lose her temper.



Niu Wuyin blames Xiuhua for his dwindling business. On the other hand, Youcai’s business improves after he implements new methods in fishball making and noodle tossing. Niu Wuyin spies on his cooking methods and dismisses him as being showy.



Vivian’s mother learns that her daughter has borrowed a lot of money from loansharks to treat her illness. On her deathbed, she hands Vivian to Ah Pao, hoping he could take care of her. Ah Pao is dumbstruck when he sees Vivian without the thick makeup on.




Zhijie snatches Xinhui’s bag and runs for dear life with Ryan hot at his heels. Zhijie shakes Ryan off and stages a robbery by taking away Xinhui’s purse and passport and leaving her bag behind. Ryan’s efforts come to nought when Xinhui is unable to leave the country without her passport. Suspecting Zhijie to be behind this fiasco, he confronts him but Zhijie manages to deceive him.  



Meishan uploads the video of Luo Na and Luo Na’s mum quarrel onto Youtube causing uproar among Netizens. Someone manages to identify Luo Na as the “evil daughter in-law” in the video and notifies the press. Luo Na hides in the ladies when reporters track her down.

第27集 (PG-Some Sexual References)


Thinking she has won the lottery, she starts planning ways to use the prize money. Youcai admits he didn’t place the bet for Luo Na, causing her to fly into a rage. She goes further to even accuse him and his mother of ganging up to bully her. In a fit of anger, Youcai asks for a divorce.

第28集 (PG)


Ryan hides Zhang Yang in an apartment upon Da Tou Qing’s instructions. Ryan receives a call from a talent company in China wanting to buy Zhang Yang’s contract for 2 million renminbi. Da Tou Qing calls for help just when Ryan is contemplating on pocketing the money for himself. Ryan decides to betray Da Tou Qing and calls the police to capture him.

第29集(PG-Some Sexual References) 


In his drunken stupor, Weijie confesses his feelings for Luo Na. Luo Na proclaims her love for him and asks him to wait for her divorce to be finalised. Weijie realises what he had just said and clarifies to Luo Na that his crush is not her but an ex-classmate. Luo Na finally realises her mistake.



Suspecting something amiss when is he unable to contact Angela, Niu Wuyin hurriedly checks his bank account balance and discovers Angela has taken his money. He goes to the spa to check on his $500,000 investment in the company and discovers the owner to be a different person. The owner clarifies that the spa was never for sale and points out that the documents Niu Wuyin had signed were void. Niu Wuyin is stunned.



Youcai defeats Niu Wuyin by one vote in a televised culinary competition. Niu Wuyin questions the producer on the credibility of the judges but to no avail. Xiuhua defends Youcai by saying he should rightfully win the competition as he makes his fishballs by hand everyday using the freshest fish but Niu Wuyin is still disgruntled over Youcai’s win.



Ka Fei Sao spreads the news of Youcai’s $2 million lottery windfall. Amy informs Luo Na about it and advises her not to divorce him. Unconvinced, Luo Na asks Meiying to check the results and discovers that there is only one sole winner for that particular draw. She thus believes in Amy’s words.



Youcai’s business improved vastly after the culinary competition was aired on television. Niu Wuyin, on the other hand, suffers from a bout of bad luck. Not only does his business suffer, cockroaches are also discovered in his stall by hygiene officers. When customers complain of finding cockroach legs in his fishballs, Niu Wuyin tries to dismiss the claims much to the disgust of his angry customers who then threatened to notify the media.



Lao Cai successfully snatches the lucky bucket away, causing a stampede. Luo Na nearly falls in the process but Niu Wuyin manages to break her fall. Youcai gets dragged by the car as he refuses to see the bucket land in the hands of others. Luo Na shouts at Youcai to let go and he falls into the bushes. He goes into a coma as a result and is unable to recognize Luo Na when he awakes.


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