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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 08:45

《对对碰》It Takes Two

每集剧情 Episodic Synopsis

第5集 (PG)


Luo Na and family manage to successfully “snatch” the God of Fortune from Niu Wu Yin. Luo Na instructs her family to stare at the statue for auspicious numbers and they manage to find 4 lucky numbers. Luo Na bets on the numbers that every night but does not win anything. Her luck turns for the worse the next day when she gets fined for unhygienic practices at her stall.



Luo Na goes into a rage when she discovers her dad has spent all his CPF on women. He collapses all of a sudden while she is confronting the women. It turns out he has been taking illegal “Viagra” which has severely affected his health. Luo Na is worried his assets will land in the hands of her siblings should he dies.



You Cai is worried his business will suffer a further blow when he learns a TV food show will be featuring Niu Wu Yin’s stall. He enlists Ah Pao’s help to sabotage the filming. Ah Pao arranges for people to disrupt the filming causing it to be postponed.



Niu Wu Yin confronts You Cai for sabotaging the filming. You Cai turns the table around and accuses Wu Yin of stealing his secret recipe and even went as far as accusing their master of adding borax to his fishballs, causing him to die of anger.

(Continued): Episode 9 - 12
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