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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 16:22

Chen Hanwei attends media conference despite food poisoning

Still under intravenous (IV) drip, the MediaCorp actor insisted on attending the media conference for his upcoming drama

Chen Hanwei

Local MediaCorp veteran actor, Chen Hanwei, appeared lethargic at the media conference of his upcoming Ch8 drama, It Takes Two last Wednesday (Oct 24); a catheter (a thin tube used for IV drip) was also spotted on his right arm.

Hanwei explained that he had consumed contaminated food over the weekend which then led to food poisoning. Although feeling weak, Hanwei was persistent about his attendance at the press conference. He was still under hospitalisation at the time of the media event and had requested the doctor to release him for two hours.

During an interview with xinmsn, the actor admitted feeling miserable surviving on just water and isotonic drinks for the past three days.

"This is my first food poisoning in 43 years," he sighed.

"I love [It Takes Two]. It is a rare opportunity to work with my fellow colleagues, who are also my good friends, and we enjoyed the entire filming process," he said.

Chen Hanwei

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