1. "Love In Progress" is organized by the MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd (MST). The Terms and Condition stated below shall apply to "Love In Progress".

2. All applicants and nominators must be within the age range of 18 - 45 years as at 09/07/2012.

3. All applicants and nominators are expected to be able to speak Mandarin whenever possible.

4. The applicants and nominators shall make full and honest disclosure of particulars as requested in the Application form.

5. All photographs submitted should be the property of the Organizer who may, without reference to any applicants, use such photograph for any reasonable purpose/publicity.

6. MST reserves the right to remove any submission it deems inappropriate without informing the participants.

7. Online submission will start on the 9 July 2012, 0000hrs and end on the 16 September 2012, 1200hrs.

8. All details submitted shall be deemed to be current. In the event of any change of such details, the Organizer shall be notified immediately.

9. Applicant's IC/passport /birth certifications must be verified at the audition.

10. The decision of the judges at each stage of "Love In Progress" shall be final and there shall be no appeal against such decisions.

11. MST has the right to assign applicants to their respective programme and the order of appearance in the programme will be decided by the production team.

12. MST shall not be liable whatsoever with respect to any loss or damage to property or personal injury to any persons.

13. MST reserves the right to amend or vary any of the Terms and Condition without prior notice to any applicant. MST also reserves the right to cancel the programme at its discretion.

14. In the event of any dispute concerning the operation of any element of the programme or the Terms and Conditions, the decision of MEDIACORP is final.

15. Applicants who fail to attend rehearsal, recording sessions or other events related to the programme shall be disqualified if the reasons for such absence are not acceptable to the organizer in its sole discretion.

16. All applicants, by participating in "Love In Progress", accept the above said Terms and Conditions, which shall be binding.