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2014年2月14日 上午 10:00 | By Joanna Goh
Blast from the past: Bryan Wong and Chen Hanwei

A recap of Bryan Wong & Chen Hanwei's showbiz journey from humble beginnings to household fame

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Many artistes dream of winning the Top 10 Most Popular award at Star Awards but very few live to experience and even achieve this honour – much less be inducted into the hall of fame after winning their 10th popularity award.

As the hallmark of one’s prevailing fame in showbiz, actors initiated into the All-Time Favourite category have to own a staggering collection of 10 Most Popular Artiste awards from past Star Awards ceremony (and have a legion of fervent fans who like them enough to vote them in year after year) to be first considered an eligible candidate. This probably explains why these heavenly ranks are currently only occupied by actors who are of Ah Ge and Ah Jie caliber such as, Zoe Tay, Xiang Yun, Chen Li Ping, Tay Ping Hui and Mark Lee.

Membership to this “club” is so exclusive it is by invitation only. 2014 will see two new additions to this growing group: Bryan Wong and Chen Hanwei, of which both artistes are proud owners to a variety of rusting metal (as verified by Bryan) and pristine glass trophies.

As senior artistes and veterans of their respective fields, Bryan and Hanwei have been in showbiz for more than 20 years and have started off as calefares before slowing working their way up the ranks. In commemoration of their promotion to the ranks of All-Time Favourite Artiste, we have pulled together a gallery recapping the duo’s showbiz journey from humble beginnings to household fame.

We also check out their most titular roles to date - remember when Bryan was still a ‘Judo’ kid back in 1984 and Hanwei set hearts a-flutter as the charismatic Fang Laoshi? Click on for more.