Love Keeps Going


美乐阴差阳错之下与冷酷霸道的未来小叔以烈相遇,美乐的热情真诚如阳光般照进了以烈冷漠的内心。 某着名餐饮连锁店创办人何言劭(张伦硕饰演)打算收购美乐的麵包店,以风与美乐之间的感情出现危机,以烈陪美乐度过了人生最灰暗的时刻。少茵百般阻扰以烈与美乐的交往。言劭对美乐由欣赏到日渐动情。面对以风的回心转意、言劭的强烈追求和少茵的从中破坏,最终,以烈与美乐用最感人、最温暖的爱情证明了"真爱无敌",谱写了一曲穿梭于两岸之间最动听的"美乐。加油"。

主演: 贺军翔、王心凌、施易男、小薰、张善为

Love Keeps Going

Cha Mei Le is an ordinary girl who believes that if we work hard, good things will happen. As she loves Han Yi Feng so much, she leaves her career to help her boyfriend open a bakery.

After discovering he is cheating on her, she is comforted by Yi Feng's younger brother, Han Yi Lie, who is very hostile and difficult to interact with. But his eccentric personality changes with Mei Le's toasts and he softens when he sees Mei Le's sincerity. The weird thing is Yi Lie can't get down to composing songs without eating her toasts.

Unfortunately, Mei Le disappeared when he realized that he's already fell in love with her. Will Yi Lie meet Mei Le once again? And when Yi Lie met Mei Le, will she already have someone beside her?

Cast: Mike He, Cyndi Wang, Shi Yi Nan, Xiao Xun, Zhang Shan Wei

Love Keeps Going